xoox_xp (xoox_xp) wrote in ru_giger,

We are offering discreet discounts to our mailing list members on some prints and originals!

Here are some examples that are discounted, but please contact us regarding any of our inventory.

Values are through December 25th!

PLEASE INQUIRE DIRECTLY FOR SPECIAL PRICING: curator@morpheusgallery.com  (702) 233-3339

H.R. Giger ELP print

ELP print by H.R. GIGER

Janiskowski Over the Desert

OVER THE DESERT canvas gicle'e by Jasnikowski

zawadzki scylla print

SCYLLA signed gicle'e on paper by Zawadzki

walkuski satyricon giclee

SATYRICON signed gicle'e on paper by Walkuski

Jota batman

THE DARK KNIGHT painting by Jota

De Es Schwertberger giclee

CROSS OF THE WORLD by De Es Schwertberger

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